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From Past and Present Students and Parents 

Eden Rendell

Ex Student


I spent 15 years attending Carmichael's School of Theatre Arts and it's been such a big part of my childhood that will continue to stay with me. The dance education I received was outstanding. Not only are the teachers amazing and very talented at what they do, they made everyone adore dance and performance. Carmichael's was a proper little family, my closest friends come from there,


The Principal Miss Nicola is a mum to everyone and has taught us a lot about how to be a good person as well as a good dancer. The school provided really good facilities, many styles of dance, theatre groups, singing and experience days with professionals in the industry that were always so fun and kept expanding our performance knowledge.


Yet, the most amazing opportunity provided is the biannual show. Performing to an audience on dances everyone has worked so hard on is such a highlight. I wouldn't change a thing about my time at Carmichael's.

Catherine Brumfitt



My eldest daughter started at Carmichaels when she was 4 and stayed there until leaving for university, aged 19 where dance still forms a vital part of her life. Her younger sister followed her aged 3 and is still dancing there now aged 17. Nicola has provided them with an extremely safe and caring environment in which they have both flourished in so many ways. They have both developed a love of dancing which has overflowed onto most areas if their lives. 


Nicola and her staff have encouraged them both to reach their highest potential in several dance disciplines as they do with all their students. I have always had confidence that my daughters will be well cared for and given the same opportunities as all the students. The school provides outstanding dance teaching through encouragement and confidence-building. The teaching they have received has helped to allow them to grow into confident young women as well as beautiful dancers. When my eldest daughter had to do a presentation on inspirational women she did hers on Nicola who she says has been a true inspiration to her.

Leianne Bates

Ex Student/Parent/Owner of her own Dance School in Ludlow


I attended Nicola’s dance school from a very young age and loved every dance class I ever had. The dance school became my second home and I made lifelong friends and had some amazing performance opportunities as well as gaining many exams. I enjoyed it so much that I decided at 16 to pursue a career in dance and went off to dance college.


I was very lucky and had a wonderful career performing all over the world for many years before deciding that I wanted to pass on my love for dance through teaching and I now have a school of my own. I now have a 5 year old daughter who I take to Nicola so she can experience the same wonderful teaching, love and passion for dance that Nicola gave to me.


Nicola has dedicated her life to teaching dance to so many students.

Rachel Preece



Our daughter loves to dance and we spent a long time trying to find the right school - as a child, I never danced so this was a new world to me. Our experiences at other schools were less than ideal so we were cautious about introducing Emily to another class. Carmichaels has been an absolute joy. Emily has now been happily embedded there for four years and counting.

All of the teachers are supremely qualified and work tirelessly to ensure that each child is engaged and encouraged to progress. Holding the attention of the younger ones requires a particular skill and I really liked being able to watch the classes as Emily settled in. As a parent, we are frequently invited in for impromptu performances at the end of the classes - a super way to build confidence and share their experiences.

The School put an a biannual show at the local theatre. Clever choreography is used to allow each child to shine. I was particularly impressed with the behind the scenes facilities, younger children using the crèche with the senior girls opting to have their meals with the younger children throughout the weekend. The teachers thought of everything to ensure the children were safe and happy.  More recently some of the children have entered festivals which have given them a new dimension to their dance experience, not just working on their competition routines, but also learning how to present themselves to the judges and above all else, building their confidence.

Emily's posture and coordination have noticeably improved and as I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I look at the classes to see how they facilitate this. I am delighted with the way they work with Emily, they have the balance of discipline and humour right, something as I parent I need to work on at times!  Emily has been taught to listen to the phrasing of the music so developing much more than just dance.
What I particularly like is the friendships that Emily is forming, running to the older girls in the changing areas for cuddles and chats, and learning to dance as a team and supporting each other through exams, competitions and life.

The school hold Christmas Parties, mini-musicals throughout the year, guest dancers hold workshops for variety and development, there are theatre trips and much more. You can take part in as much or as little as you like so there are options for everyone.

I really can't recommend Carmichael's enough, it is so much more than a dance school.  It is a community that allows the safe and happy progressions from tiny tots to young adults - in this new and fast-paced electronic world, the dance school fosters friendship, fitness, fun, commitment and education. 

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