Tuition fees paid monthly, half-termly or termly, 

Variable Discounts on fees available – ask at Reception!


Nursery Ballet 

Ages 3-4.  Emphasis is on creative movement and basic ballet movements.

Beginners Modern and Tap

Age 4+. Conjoined lesson for beginners.


Pre-Primary  - Grade 2      (Ballet/Modern/Tap)

Ages 5 - 9.  Basic steps and creative movement.  

Grades 3 - 8   (Ballet/Modern/Tap)

Ages 10 - 16. Intermediate  technique requiring previous training.

Jazz     (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

Ages 8+. Available once achieved Grade 3 Modern. Stylised Technique.


​Intermediate Foundation and above

Ages 10 +. Ballet progression beyond the grades - Pointe Work and Conditioning

Musical Theatre

Ages 8+. Themed amalgamation of dance, drama and singing for more advanced students 

Vocal Training (Singing)

for the London College of Music Examinations



can be a solo class or shared, price dependant.

Festival Classes

Competitive dance lessons for Solos/Duets/Trios or Groups

(£15 per 30 min lesson split between solo/duet/trio

Group is £4 per person)

Private Lessons (Timetable Allowing)

(£15 per 30 min lesson)


GCSE and A Level Dance


In the GCSE Dance course you will learn to perform, choreograph, direct and analyse dance.

As a performer, you will develop confidence and self-esteem, as well as sensitivity to others and team working skills. As a choreographer, you will use the skills of creativity and problem solving to come up with some imaginative ideas for dances. In directing others, you will develop your communication skills and your ability to create good working relationships with others. As a critic you will be able to make informed decisions about the dances you see.


There will be a group dance choreographed by your teacher and a group dance to be choreographed by yourself based on a set of stimuli to pick from.

In the A Level Dance course you will expand further into your studies from GCSE and delve deeper into the understanding and application of that knowledge through the practical modules and the written modules. 

There will be a group dance choreographed by your teacher, a solo based on one of the dance works you are studying, and a group dance choreographed by yourself based on a set of stimuli to pick from.

By opting for GCSE/A Level Dance, you will be taking part in a physical activity that promotes fitness and well being. You will find that by studying dance you will improve your creative skills as well as your physical skills - that is what makes dance unique!



2 hours per week (currently Monday evenings)

Most of the modules can be completed a year before their normal GCSE's - if the groupings allow -  meaning they can achieve an extra GCSE with us the year before they complete the rest of their exams.

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