Nicola Carmichael-Phillips  
RAD teach Dip. LISTD(mb)(bb) CDE(tb) 

- Principal and Teacher

Nicola Carmichael trained at the Hammond School in Chester. After three successful years of study, performance and the role of Head Girl she then moved to work and teach abroad in Germany and Northern Italy for several years. On returning to the U.K. she became Principal of Carmichael School of Dance & Theatre Arts in 1987 and under her guidance Nicola and her colleagues have developed it into a 400-strong student based art school covering a full range of genres. The school became an Approved Centre for the ISTD in 1998.


Nicola is an approved tutor for the new Classical Ballet Teaching Certificate for the RAD. Nicola holds her Licenciate Diploma in the Modern Dance and Imperial Ballet faculties for the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She is a Tutor for both genres for Teacher training.

Laura Wilson 
RAD Teach Cert. LISTD(mb)(tb) CDE(bb)

- Dance Teacher 

Laura trained with Nicola at Carmichael School for Theatre Arts from the age of eight. In 1999, with Nicola`s guidance she gained her 1st teaching qualification. She now holds the ISTD Licentiate qualification in both Modern and Tap. In 2007 Laura became an approved tutor for the ISTD, specialising in the Tap genre and allowing her to enter students for the FDI & CDE teaching qualifications. Laura also holds the Ballet Teaching Certificate for the RAD.

Liv Phillips

Ba Hons, DDI (mb)(tb) DDE(mb)(tb)

- Dance Teacher

Liv started dancing at the age of 3 at the Carmichael School of Dance and Theatre Arts. 
She took part in numerous performances across the West Midlands during her dance education.
After finishing her dance training, Liv completed her Diploma in Dance Instruction with the ISTD in Modern and Tap. She is currently completing her final modules towards her Diplomas in Dance Education in both Tap and Modern.
Liv also has a BA Hons in Stage and Event Management from Rose Bruford College in London, where she has organised and produced numerous productions, events and shows throughout her 3 years there, including several times working with the Royal Academy of Music. 

Laura Houlston
CDE (bb)(mb)(tb)

- Dance Teacher

Laura has trained at the Carmichael School of Dance and Theatre Arts since the age of three. Laura has completed all her accredited dancing examinations and her Teacher Training with Carmichaels for Ballet, Tap and Modern and has also many years of dance experience in panto and theatre productions. 

Pippa Jones
RAD Teach cert. CDE(mb)(tb)(bb)
- Dance Teacher


Pippa started dancing at the age of 3 and in 1993 went to Elmhurst Ballet School in Surrey for 3 years. Whilst at Elmhurst, She gained her Associate in Tap and Modern.
In 2003, She passed her RAD teaching certificate exam and also was awarded her RAD Diploma.

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