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Performance Events


We Performed with the Production Company "Pro-Excel" at Silverstone Racetrack July 2021 who work across the UK and the World putting on events for dancers to perform.  >>

<<  We also performed with the Production Company Chance 2 Dance where the girls did an amazing job with their 4 dances Oct 2021 at Alton Towers Scarefest and are returning in 2022 again!


Performance Groups


Our "Performance Groups" are a group of students of all ages, who from Juniors to Seniors come together to dance. 

These groups are the groups we send out to perform at various locations and theatres up and down the country, for them to experience different Professional environments and companies.


These groups perform multiple times a year - if your child is interested in performance opportunities let us know!

March - Shrews Gotta Dance
June - Telfords Gotta Dance




Our students partake in both the

Telford Pantomime (by request of the production company)

and at Shrewsbury Pantomime (by Audition)

We have had our students participate in these pantomimes for almost our entire history since we opened. 

These Pantomimes are a fantastic yearly performance experience for our students to learn how to not only represent themselves but also the school professional in both their manners and also their dance abilities.

Our students are performing once again in the 2022 The Place's Production of Snow White! 


Collaborations with Dance Companies


A Group of our Students on Sunday 15th September went down to the Greenwood Theatre - King's College in London,

to perform in the 70th Anniversary Performance for Chinese independence

in front of the Chinese Embassy.

This performance was televised in China, and we couldn't be prouder of the girls! 

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