Back to it from Monday 4th January! 

- Due to Covid-19, how we operate the dance school has changed dramatically, if you wish to know what procedures we have put into place to ensure your child's safety, please check our protocols page above, or contact us and we will send you over our new protocols - 

*All photos displayed on the website of our students past and present.

"Now, Nicola Carmichael & her wonderful team are so invested in each & every one of the children they teach that it's not only the ones like my girls, the ones who may want to make a career out of the performing arts, but also the shy little one who comes once a week to a lesson & over time blossoms in confidence. The one who may have speech delay, or a coordination problem. The one who doesn't want to leave Mum's side anywhere else, but after a few lessons skips happily in to her class with barely a backward glance. The one who lacks discipline & appears not to care begin to 'knuckle down & improve both in lessons at dance and also at school. Each & every child is nurtured, cared for & loved."

Jacqui Bennett - Mother of two daughters, both who graduated from Carmichaels with Advanced Graded Examinations completed in Ballet, Modern and Tap.

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