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LAMDA offer a wide range of examinations including Speaking of Verse and Prose, Acting, Mime, Reading for Performance and Devised Performance.


Through a range of examinations our mission is to


• Build confidence and self esteem

• Improve standards of communication through the spoken word

• Develop an appreciation for literature and drama

• Provide a framework through which individuals can develop

• Through examination provide a record of personal achievement

• Support creative, social and intellectual development


If you would like to know more about private or group drama lessons please contact us.


Exams are available.

Singing lessons


We offer both group and private singing tuition here at Carmichael's. Singing students work towards an annual showcase of songs as well as taking their exams.


Singing lessons can have many benefits for children such as; helping children to realise their musical potential, building their confidence and self esteem, improving breathing and providing an expressive outlet in a safe space. 


Classes are suitable for all levels of singing experience.


Exams are available.

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