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Our Covid-19 Protocols

1. No parents allowed in the main building to reduce possibility of contamination.

2. Downstairs studio will access building via fire exit door into studio situated on car park.

3. Upstairs studio via the reception door.

4. You will be leaving and arriving at different times, so no cross over of groups will take place.

5. Please arrive with your child promptly 5 mins before lesson start time and pick up prompt at end. No cars to wait in car park so we avoid overlapping classes.

6. Come ready for class, as few belongings in a bag as possible.

7. Outdoor shoes (preferably slip on shoes of some kind) will come off as your child enters the building.

8. Every child will be asked to hand sanitise at our stations near their entry points to clean hands before the go into class.

9. At present, 15 mins will be needed between some classes to clean before next class allowed in.

10. Ventilation of building and circulation of fresh air always maintained.

11. During the colder days of this winter term and maintaining our ventilation – we will allow the students to wear their branded CARMICHAELS jumpers/hoodies/onesies.

12. If a student is unwell, we ask they don’t come in to class.

13. If anyone feels unwell, during class, you - the parent - shall be called asap and the student isolated (with an adult present at a social distance) until you arrive to collect them.

14. If a student is doing 2 lessons with a 15/30/45 mins break, they can use the changing rooms to wait in, you will not be required to return until they have completed all their classes.

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