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Due to our commitment to the students growth and technical progression we only partake in two festivals per year - as it stands.

Wenlock Festival - March

TCAT Festival - June

Participation in Festival Competitions is to be discussed with Miss Liv.

The students can take part in:

Groups, Quartets, Trios, Duets or Solos

There are a variety of styles the students can enter in, however this is on the joint decision of teacher and student as to what style would suit best.

Classical Category: Ballet, Contemporary, Character Dance

Cabaret Category: Modern, Tap, Lyrical, Song and Dance, and Acro

(some competitions Acro is adjudicated separately)

Festival Lessons are 30 minutes

Solo - £15

Duets - £7.50 pp

Trios - £5pp

Quartets - £4pp

Groups - £4pp

Primary Age Category    -    School Year 1 - 3

Junior Age Category    -    School Year 4 - 6

Intermediate Age Category    -    School Year 7 - 9

Senior A Age Category    -   School Year 10 + 11

Senior B Age Category    -    School Year 12+ (up to age 21)

Festival Entry Paperwork is all filled in by Miss Liv

Festival Entry Prices

Solos - £6

Duets - £4pp

Trios + Quartets - £4pp

Groups - £3pp

Group Costumes are provided for by the School, other entries can be rented from the school or bought separately with the advisement from the teacher.

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