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Choreographic Competition 2019/20 




Choreographic Competition 2016


Junior Choreographic Cup

1st - Adina Coulman-Smith and Desiree Davey-Smith

Middle Choreographic Cup

1st - Leah Ruscoe and Charlotte Phillips

JOINT 2nd - Charlotte Phillips and Scarlett Hunt 

- Leah Ruscoe

JOINT 3rd - Freya Barraclough and Laura Jones

                       - Caitlin Gemmill and Madeleine Gemmill

Seniors Choreographic Cup


1st - Alicia Bennett, Pagan Hunt and Philippa Ashworth.

2nd -  Alicia Bennett and Leah Ruscoe

3rd - Charlotte Neal


School Awards


Crystal Senior Trophy - Pagan Hunt and Alicia Bennett

Crystal Junior Trophy - Hannah West

Samuel Plant Award - Mia Stuart

Layla Pitt Award - Harry Hindley

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